Its time we started telling these stories

The book has been published in the hope that telling these stories will help others to overcome the effects of family violence.

We hope that people who are experiencing violence will realise that it is possible to have a safe and violence-free life beyond the abuse. We hope that those who use violence against family members will get the help they need for a better life for themselves and their families. We hope that friends and family of those people will take action to support others towards a violence-free life.

There are support agencies for both victims and perpetrators of family violence in every community in New Zealand. They are listed on the Ministry of Social Development Family and Community Services directory:

Support services and information about family violence can also be found on the Itís not OK campaign website: or by phoning the campaign information line: 0800 456 450

We hope these stories will be widely read by New Zealanders from all walks of life. We all have a part to play in reducing and preventing family violence in our communities.